Adoption Considerations

We require an approved application, and a $300 deposit to reserve from a litter. We ask that you please notify us prior to sending a deposit. This allows us to close a litter and not receive duplicate deposits. All of our pups are Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles and our pricing reflects our investment in quality lines and quality care. We provide a Two Year Health Guarantee and your puppy will arrive with a microchip and age appropriate vaccinations.

All of our puppies are born and raised in our home and are a part of our family until they leave us to be with their new family. All of our pups are well socialized by the time they leave us at 8 weeks. We will send enough food for the puppy for 3 days in case you desire to transition to another food. We feed all of our dogs the highest quality dog food available and the healthiest people food. We will send you lots of feeding information, research on dog food and diet, grooming information, and lots of reading material.

We register all puppies with Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA). We abide by, and helped develop, the ALCA code of ethics. We have no outdoor kennels on our property. All of our breeding dogs are a part of our family or that of a guardian family. We strongly believe that breeding parents who are an intricate part of a family produce healthier, happier puppies with the best temperaments. We take a great deal of pride in the pups being in our home with us during their stay and that their parents are ongoing family members.

We ship to any US airport that is s served by non-stop flights from Cincinnati, OH (CVG) and Louisville, KY (SDF). We do not do transfers as that is the most likely time when problems may arise. The shipping charge is $350 and includes airfare, insurance, crate, vet check, and health certificate for flight. The shipping staff at both airports is very professional. We will call you when the flight departs. When your puppy is safely in your arms, you will contact me. The pups do great with this method. Anyone is always welcome to drive to our home and pick up their puppy. We love meeting you. We also meet folks at the airport should you decide to fly in and fly back with your puppy in the cabin. I have done this with several of of my babies and it is a lot of fun to show then off at the airport and bond with them on the flight home. People always comment on how well the puppy behaved during flight!

If you choose to pick up your puppy at Heartsong or if we meet you at the airport in KY we are required to charge 6% KY sales tax.

What We Ask of You

You should have realistic expectations of what it means to have a new puppy in your life. They are expensive. They require time and attention and learn best when you are consistent and patient.

You must provide on-going veterinary care for your new family member.

You must feed your new family member a quality diet and provide plenty of family interaction and exercise.

You must ensure that your puppy is not allowed around pet stores and public parks prior to receiving final vaccinations. Your puppy is at risk for parvo prior to being fully immunized.

You must always love and enjoy this very special blessing in your life.