Certified Therapy Dogs

One of the most rewarding aspects of our breeding program has been the success of our dogs in service programs. This is a testament to the outstanding temperament and intelligence of the breed and the benefits of a small breeding program that selects for temperament and health and that strives to give its dogs the best possible start in life.
photo of Rosie, an australian labradoodle therapy dog
Jane and Rosie

Jane and Rosie

Rosie is an offical R.E.A.D(reading education assitance dog) with intermountain therapy animals. She went to storytime and let the toddler's pet her at the library. They loved her. You can learn about the Hudson Library Therapy Dog program here. Dogs and kids reading. What could be cooler than that? photo of Rosie, an australian labradoodle therapy dog

picture of oliver, an australian labradoodle therapy dog, with his family

Sarah, Cathy, and Oliver

Hello Hello!

I just wanted to update you on Oliver. He is the MOST wonderful puppy! He has flown through basic obedience... (within the first three weeks) and is now well on his way to becoming a service dog. He already responds instantly to sound and alerts on command. He has wonderful people skills and just loves to work in public. He is very much loved in our household. Our trainer says that Ollie is almost a year ahead in his training, and is soon going to start working on advanced concepts. He walks off the leash on a regular basis and never leaves my side. I have never seen him distracted! He loves to play and very much enjoys sitting in my lap at night and 'reading' my book with me. I have attached some pictures for you to see. Hope you enjoy!

We have had several requests about what breeder we used to obtain such a suitable service dog. We would like to give out your name, with your permission. Dogs with a temperament like that are in high demand!

Thank you so much

Sarah and Cathy

Picture Maddie, an Australian Labradoodle and Delta certified therapy dog
Alan, Maddie, and friend

Alan and Maddie

Alan recently sent us news that he and Maddie are now a Delta Society certified therapy team. Maddie is out of our foundation girl Silk (Sunset Hills Spun Silk) and Lovey (Heartsong A Love Supreme ~ Lovey). Alan and Maddie were featured in an article in the Reportor, Vanderbilt Medical Center's Weekly Newspaper. You can read the article here. We couldn't be more proud. Thank you Allan for the wonderful job you and Maddie are doing.

Picture of Derby, a Certified Therapy Australian Labradoodle
Derby Elizabeth

Derby Elizabeth

We recently received the note below from Joanne.

Hope all is well with you and your family. I just wanted to share with you that Derby became a Therapy Dog with a group called Sunshine Friends last summer. We visit a Skilled Nursing Facility twice a month and Derby loves meeting the residents and socializing with them.

Derby is a joyful soul who loves her six kitty brothers and sisters. She sits on the cat post in the picture window and watches me leave for work almost every morning. She understands the effect that guilt has upon me. Anyway, I just wanted to update you on Derby's accomplishments. Thank you so much for bringing such loving beings into the world.


Thank you Joanne. It's been a joy to see our wonderful dogs making a difference in people's lives.

Picture of Gus, an Australian Labradoodle Therapy Dog


Our Special Friend Gus

By Jane Markham, Consultant Teacher

As a child I always had a dog. When I became an adult I always had a dog. To me, a canine companion is essential for my well being. In recent years I have read more and more anecdotal accounts of dogs helping people in a variety of ways and particularly in schools. After reading in the Westchester Journal about a therapy dog visiting a special program in a school in Carmel I decided to do more research. I discovered amazing things. Scientific studies have proven that stroking a dog decreases heart rate and blood pressure. There are special training programs to teach dogs to listen to children read. Dogs have even helped children to testify in court! The evidence that dogs could help children learn was convincing and I wanted to have a dog in our school.

Initially, I ran my idea past the school social worker, psychologist, nurse and several teachers. They were all overwhelmingly in favor of the idea. Then I approached Ms Epstein who also liked the idea and had many questions about the project. Finally, we consulted Mr. Connors, our superintendent who was also very positive. I wanted a medium sized dog that didn't shed and was hypoallergenic. His or her temperament had to be calm and reliable and of course, the dog needed to be social and like children. I found a breeder in Kentucky who bred Labradoodles that derive from Australia, from a very careful and selective breeding program. Her dogs all fit my criteria and she just happened to have a puppy that she thought would be perfect for me. I thought he was especially perfect because his mother is a certified therapy dog.

Gus arrived at LaGuardia Airport on Friday 29th, 2008 weighing 12 lbs. 6 ounces. The following Monday was his first day of school. It was love at first sight between the children and Gus. He loved all the pats and attention and he soon learned which classroom had treats for him. Gus was patient and relaxed around the children and rarely became over stimulated. He did go through the typical puppy phases of chewing and mouthing but the children learned how to handle themselves with Gus. Now Gus is a year old fixture here at MAS.

This past summer Gus received individual training where he earned the nickname of "smarty pants". And now that Gus is one year old he will soon be certified as a "Therapy Dog". Although Gus is not currently certified he has already been doing lots of good work here in the school. He has helped children who were anxious about separating on the first day of school and children who were ill. Children who are reluctant writers have written letters and poems about Gus. Reluctant readers frequently ask to read to Gus and shy, withdrawn children become eager and animated when he is around. Gus has become my regular assistant as I go through my day as a Consultant Teacher, greeting children and adults alike, spreading smiles and warming hearts, helping the process everywhere he goes.

Picture of Australian Labradoodle

Trina and Sunny

Sunny received his therapy dog certification in August of 2006. Here is Tom's account of the event:

The scene was the back storage room of a Feeders Supply Pet Store during a severe thunder storm. People came in and out emptying litter boxes and two dogs were fighting only 10 feet away, and Sunny passed his Delta Test anyway. Yes, he is a Certified Therapy Dog. We are so proud,Trina of Sunny and me of Trina. The examiner, the President of WAGS said "So that's what an Aussie Labradoodle looks like, I like him a lot, I can't believe that he is only 13 months old."

And we are very proud of you too! Congratulations Sunny and Trina!

Picture of Australian Labradoodle


Our beautiful Silk is a certified therapy dog. She received her certification from Love-On-A-Leash. She is so smart and has such a good temperament that she was the only dog certified that day without requiring additional training! Click here for pictures!