Health Guarantee

We take the utmost care to ensure the healthiest puppy possible. All labradoodles in our care have been fed the highest quality food (currently Wellness Brand) mixed with lean chicken & fish, whole grain rice, raw vegetables, chicken broth with garlic & olive oil, cottage cheese/cheese/yogurt, eggs, flax seeds and other fresh foods. In addition, we provide a human grade multi vitamin and calcium supplement. Each dog has yearly exams, up to date shots, and good prenatal care. Our dogs live in our home and receive a great deal of attention. They are exercised daily and are socialized well. We believe that a well-loved mother is more likely to produce healthy offspring.

  • We offer a 7 day guarantee against life threatening problems provided you have met the requirements below. Prior to leaving Heartsong Labradoodles, your puppy will be examined by our veterinarian and will only leave if in excellent health. All medical records will be sent with the puppy. Should the puppy die or become so ill that it must be euthanized we will replace the puppy or refund the cost of the puppy (breeder’s choice).
  • You must take your puppy to your veterinarian within 72 hours and send a copy of the examination results to Heartsong Labradoodles. To reduce the risk of infection during this initial appointment you should contain your puppy in your arms until you are provided a secluded sterilized room.
  • Please know that your puppy is still at risk to infectious diseases until they receive their final round of immunizations at 16-20 weeks of age. During this time it is important that you not take your puppy anyplace where other dogs may have been. This includes parks and pet stores. In addition to other diseases, your puppy is susceptible to the parvo virus prior to final round of shots and an infected dog does not have to be present for your puppy to contract the virus.

We offer a 24 month health guarantee for potential genetic problems which have been screened for in the parents, providing you meet the requirements outlined below. We perform PennHIP testing to screen parents for healthy hips and elbows and have the parents' eyes tested annually for Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy or Progressive Atrophy by an ACVO.

  • We require that you have proof of ongoing routine medical care, up to date vaccinations, and up to date veterinary records.
  • We require that you have provided your dog with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and maintained your dog at a healthy weight.
  • You have exercised restraint in allowing your dog to jump or have access to stairs during periods of growth.
  • Should a serious problem arise, we ask that you notify us immediately. We require you to provide your veterinary records documenting the diagnoses of a hip, elbow, or eye related problem.
  • We will have our veterinarian review medical reports and with the owner’s input, determine the severity of the problem and discuss with you how to proceed. If our veterinarian agrees the problem is serious, you will have the following two options:
    • You may decide to keep your companion animal. In this case, we will refund related medical treatment expenses up to the cost of the dog. A refund of medical expenses requires proof of medical treatment from the treating veterinarian.
    • You may decide to return your companion animal to us at your expense. In this case, we will either replace with a puppy or refund the cost of the dog (breeder’s choice).