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Larger Video Formats!

With our additional web space we are albe to share videos in a larger format. With the larger format, you may notice a short delay as your browser buffers the video. We hope you enjoy the larger size!

Flames's December 2005 Litter

Silk's December 2005 Litter

Flame's December 2004 Litter

Flame's June 2005 Litter

Everybody Just Having Fun!

Kritta and Friends, 3-7-2005 Captured this with the movie function on the still camera. Kritta, et al having a romp.

Playing on the deck, 3-7-2005 The weather was crazy this winter. This morning in March, it was warm enough to sit on the deck in my PJs and film the pups. Nyala, Bella, Gracie, Flame, Silk, Ruby, and Natalie had a ball this morning!

Snow Romp, 3-20-2005 Gracie, Silk, Flame, Natalie, and Ruby playing in a late March snow.

Morning Walk, 12-18-2005 Gracie, Bella, Ruby, Dharma, Lovey, Rosie, and Jewel on our morning walk. We see deer and discover ice!