Sapphire and Cappy's Born December 1, 2014

Picture of Cappy, an Australian Labradoodle
Picture of Cappy, an Australian Labradoodle
Photo courtesy of Tuscan Ridge Labradoodles

Sapphire and Cappy's puppies were born on December 1, 2014. Sapphire gave birth to 5 red girls and 4 red boys. The consistency of the color is quite amazing. Sapphire is wonderfully dedicated and patient mother. Cappy sired Sapphire's first litter and the puppies were so wonderful we decided to repeat the mating. We are very pleased with the results and we think you will be too. Check back often to watch the babies grow and develop.

Heartsong Ain't Misbehavin ~ Saphhire Sapphire is our dream dog. She has a very soft fleece coat, beautiful boning, and has perfect conformation. Sapphire looks deep into my eyes when I talk to her as though she is processing my words (and I truly believe that she is). Sapphire has her AKC STAR Puppy Certification. She is gentle beyond words. When she runs, it is perfection. Her favorite thing to do is to run in the woods. Her second favorite thing to do is lay real close while I read or watch TV. Sapphire is apricot in color and weighs 48 pounds. She comes from my foundation line out Tegan Park Flame/Heartsong Ruby. Our beautiful Pearl is her mother. This line is very precious to me and I think she is perfection. This is Sapphire's second litter.

Tuscan Ridge Rocco Cappuccino ~ Cappy Cappy is 20 inches tall, weighs 47 pounds. Teresa describes Cappy as "darkest red you'll ever see." She says, "he is the life of the party when there are lots of dogs around! He is playful, loveable, and fantastic with kids.... he takes a lot of kisses and hugs with toddlers." Cappy is very red, has great boning, ultra soft beyond words and is definitely therapy material. Thank you Teresa for sharing your gorgeous boy with Heartsong.

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