Sunset Hills Irish Rose At Heartsong ~ "Rosebud"

Picture of Australian Labradoodle
Sunset Hills Irish Rose at Heartsong
Sex Female
Breed Australian Labradoodle
Variety A3
Date of Birth July 11, 2005
Breeder Melinda Radus
Owner Bonnie Patrick

Rosebud, Alias Snowball and Sweetie Pie, is our precious girl from our Silk's sister. We love this line. We are so impressed with their temperament and fabulous good looks. Rosebud is following her Auntie's foot steps in both departments. She is very intelligent, affectionate, confident and playful. She is very easy to train. At the same time she seems to have a deeper understanding about things. Her dad is the good looking Tegan Park Smooch who has maintained his great fleece coat. Rosebud has a beautiful ultra blonde/cream coat with gold highlights, is a true fleece and very silky. She is 17 inches tall (from shoulder) and weighs 24 pounds. She will be completing her health testing during the summer of 2006 and have her first mating in the fall 2006.

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Picture of Australian Labradoodle

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Picture of Australian Labradoodle

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