Heartsong's Guardian Family Program places a breeding dog in the home of qualified families. In this innovative program, a selected breeding puppy is placed in your home. After the dog's breeding career is complete (typically 2 - 3 litters for females), the dog becomes the guardian family's forever companion.

  • Guardian family is responsible for feeding and general veterinary care.
  • Heartsong is responsible for breeding and puppy care expenses.
  • Guardian dog returns to Heartsong for about a 2 week period when it is time to breed.
  • Guardian dog must be available for required testing and veterinary visits with Heartsong's vet.
  • Guardian dog returns to Heartsong a few days before delivery of puppies and stays until puppies are weaned (about 6 weeks)
  • If you would like to participate in our guardian family program please contact us at askheartsong@heartsonglabradoodles.com.